David Masegosa:
UI Developer

Hello! I'm David Masegosa, a UI Developer with more than 7 years of experience.

I'm pleased to show you my most highlighted projects.

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Highlighted projects

These are the projects I'm most proud of having work on.

  • Havet

    Havet is an e-commerce site for the elegant watches brand Havet, which have been announced on the Spanish TV.

    As an UI Developer, my work consisted on developing multiple components using HTML5, CSS3 and JS technologies, as well as SASS, BEM, jQuery, GIT and SCRUM methodology.


  • Marmota

    Marmota is an e-commerce site for Marmota matresses and accessories, which has also been announced on TV in Spain.

    In this project, I built UI components with HTML5, CSS3 and JS. I also used SASS, BEM, jQuery and GIT.


  • Batux

    Batux is an amazing UX infographic that explains how to rethink Batman’s classic outfit in a user-centric way. It is created by Marc Morera, developed by me, and involves the work of some other professionals with its ideation and creation.

    Batux site uses Wordpress as CMS, a custom theme, and its UI is developed with HTML5, CSS3, JS and jQuery.


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